The Humane League works to reduce the suffering of as many animals as possible, as effectively as possible. Through corporate campaigns, we are reforming the way farm animals are treated while our outreach and education programs inspire consumers to make more compassionate food choices.

As a result of The Humane League’s work, some of the largest food manufacturers, food service providers, and restaurant chains—including General Mills, Aramark, and Subway—have implemented policies that will reduce the suffering of millions of animals.

Our extensive network of activists and supporters can be found across the globe, advocating for farm animals in some of the largest and most influential regions of the world. In the US and Canada, our Campus Organizer program trains next-generation activists at colleges and universities, arming them with the skills they need to effectively advocate for animals.

In 2015, The Humane League initiated the Open Wing Alliance, a coalition of partner organizations spanning six continents. Through grants and training, we work with these partners towards the singular goal of ending cage confinement for egg-laying hens.

To further our commitment to effectiveness, Humane League Labs is constantly evaluating and testing various advocacy and education methods to determine which have the highest impact. As a result, we are able to bring a pragmatic and objective approach to our work, utilizing our resources in the most efficient and productive ways.