The Problem

Each year, approximately half a million people die from malaria and more than 300 million fall sick. 70% of these deaths are children under five years old and malaria is one of the single biggest killers of pregnant women in the world. That’s the equivalent of four 747s of children under 5 dying from malaria every day.

Yet every death is preventable. Malaria is transmitted by mosquitoes, which provide a host for the parasite. The infection results in high fevers, nausea, aches, and sometimes death.

Even if you successfully recover from malaria it can recur at anytime in the future. 90% of malaria deaths occur in Africa. The economic impacts of malaria are such that it is one of the greatest single drags on the economy of Africa.

The Solution

Rigorous studies show that the most effective means of preventing malaria is using long-lasting, insecticide-treated nets, LLINs. The nets hang over a family’s sleeping area and are incredibly effective at preventing the transmission of malaria as malaria-carrying mosquitoes typically bite between 10pm and 2am.

The Against Malaria Foundation distributes LLINs in sub-Saharan Africa. Each net costs US$2 and lasts for three years.

The Against Malaria Foundation has been consistently ‘top ranked’ by leading charity evaluators GiveWell (they are currently GiveWell’s #1 ranked charity and have been for five of the last six years) and The Life You Can Save. Research conducted by GiveWell suggests that donating to AMF is one of the most cost-effective way to save lives and prevent non-fatal cases of malaria.